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Bharatanatyam takes the credit of being the first & foremost form of fine art among the 64 defined art forms. This form of art has been defined & gifted to Mankind by Lord Shiva (Nataraja) himself. This form of art also takes pride in the fact that the Lord himself performed the same. Panthanallur Pani, Thanjore quartet Pani, Vazhuvoor Pani were a few age-old and quite famous paramparas those days. Among these, Vazhuvoor pani was hailing like a rare Jewel in the Crown for centuries. The divine shrine of Vazhuvoor is located 9 kms from Mayiladuthurai en-route Tiruvarur. Lord Shiva had performed Samhara in 8 occasions and hence all these places are known as Ashta Veerattanam. Vazhuvoor happens to be one among that Veerattanams and here Swami had killed the demon Asura who came in the form of a giant elephant.Hence the Lord also bares a name “Gaja Samhara Moorthy” other than Keerthivasar / Gnana Sabesar. The Vazhuvoor Parampara hails for almost a 1000 years plus now. This family is a renowned Nattuvanar paramparyam and the tradition flows through vetran nattuvanars’ like Nagappa Nattuvanar, Veerappa NattuvanarPetha Nattuvanar, Jagadambal Ammal, Samu Nattuvanar, Manikka Nattuvanar etc. History proves that this parampara taught bharathanatyam to crown princess Kundavai Nachiyar daughter of Cholan Emperor Raja Raja Chola.
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The Vazhuvoor pani did not deviate from the rules of Natyashastra, it adopted the abhinayas that were more realistic. In Vazhuvoor style the adavu’s flow smoothly with rare abrupt movements. The jathi’s have more korvai’s (intervals) which creates a suspense effect. Beautiful leaps are introduced into every Jathi. Abhinaya is subtle with more Natyadharmi (spontaneous expressions), so the presentation is not “over-done”. The dance steps are crisp and intricate, but combined with grace and beautiful eye movements. Laasya dominates Thandava.
Vazhuvoor Pani is one of the original styles of
Bharathanatyam, its distinctive features include:
    »    Rich sringar elements
    »    Wide range of dancing pace
    »    Softer facial abhinaya
    »    Extremely elaborate movements
    »    Deep sitting positions
    »    Variety of positions on the floor
    »    Scintillating rendering of Jathis
Vazhuvoor pani is a renowned style spread and acknowledged around the world through Vazhuvoorars’ disciples. He had tutored and nurtured many disciples who are spreading the pani globally with fame and recognition. To name a few, Kumari Kamala, Smt Radha, Anandhi Radha, L Vijayalakshmi, E V Saroja, Hemamalini Arni, Lalitha/Padmini/Rahini, Vaijayanthi Mala, Kusalakumari, Madi Lakshmi, Padma Subramanyam, Chitra Visweswaran, Tirupurasundari Yoganamdam, Kanaka Srinivasan, M Banumathy, Jayabharathi, Prema Jagadeesan etc. He also nurtured and trained efficient Nattuvanars to follow the tradition and few prominent people include S.K. Rajarathnam Pillai, K.J. Sarasa, Pathamadai Ramasamy, Gopalakrishnan, Kameswaran and his own son Kalaimamani Vazhuvoor Samaraja Pillai.
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